Your Minnesota Center for Relationship Based Horsemanship

WC PARANORMAL aka "Norman"


He is a 3-Time World Champion American Saddlebred.  Norm is a LBE (Left 

Brain Extrovert), BIG (17'3H), Bold, Animated and very High-Spirited!  

Our focus with Norm since July 2017 has been learning relaxation and how to just be a horse.  

We are so very proud of  how far he has come and what an incredible journey we are on!  

We recently filmed a video of Norm working with Farrah Green showing the Value of Relationship Based Horsemanship!  Enjoy!  

NUty Herby

During our April 2019 Clinic, Mark and Herby had the opportunity to work with Farrah Green on their liberty skills.  If you have never done liberty, this is a great video to see how to get started!  

Nuty Herby and Mark participate at various shows as a "driving team."  As you can see by the video, Herby is a little bit of a character!   He stands about 16H and is a LBE (Left Brain Extrovert).